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Grade 6

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often forgets capital letters and punctuation

a positive role model for other students

accepts new challenges and works well in group activities

actively participates in discussions, songs, and prayers

can explain some of the inventions and creations of first nation people

can express their thoughts and feelings through the French language

Can identify the planets in the solar system

can keep a rhythmic beat

can offer answers when questions are asked during daily French routines

can record information from a story/text

can understand the meaning and intent of French texts and expressions

communication is clear and precise

completes assignments in the time allotted

consistently encourages others

consistently reads grade level material independently

consitently progressing

demonstrates a positive interest in French routines.

demonstrates critical thinking skills in written work

displays interest and curiosity as we explore our relationship with God

does not always pay attention to punctuation

does not work up to their ability

does well on spelling and vocabulary tests


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