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Grade 13

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actively participates in physical activities

applies appropriate movement principles in order to refine their skills

can understand the warning signs and prevention strategies of common illnesses

communication is clear and precise

completes assignments in the time allotted

consistently displays good sportsmanship

consitently progressing

demonstrates an understanding of the importance of being physically active

demonstrates critical thinking skills in written work

demonstrates improving skills though continual practice

demonstrates respectful and active listening while instructions are being given

does not actively participate in physical activities

does not work up to their ability

eagerly assumes resonsibility

enthusiastic about participating

expresses ideas clearly and correctly

expresses ideas clearly and correctly

has developed movement competence within [activity]

has developed skills for dealing with stressful situations

Has developed strategies for making safer/healthier choices

has difficultly staying on task

has difficulty asking questions in class

is a persuasive speaker

is able to connect philosophical theories to every day life

is able to create an emergency action plan for an event

is able to create effective goals related to lifelong wellness and active living

is able to identify and give examples of analogies

is able to identify and give examples of metaphors

is able to identify and give examples of similies

is able to identify then they need assistance to help improve a skillset

is able to recognize their sources of stress and identify coping mechanisms

is able to summarize the ideology of some famous philosophers

is able to take responsibility for their actions

is able to transfer their skills to new concepts and activities

is able to use constructive feedback to improve part of their skillset

is disruptive to others

is distracted easily

is encouraged to ask for additional help when needed

is encouraged to express his/her opinions and ideas

is encouraged to participate in classroom discussions

is encouraged to practice math concepts at home

is encouraged to practice math concepts learned in class

is encouraged to rehearse presentations at home

is encouraged to use a thesaurus to explore the use of new words in his/her work

is hard-working

is strong in

needs to improve quality of work

needs to use appropriate language in class

participates well in classroom discussions

presentations lack clarity and organization

quality of work is improving

reluctantly participates in class discussions

requires motivation to start tasks

understands how their choices and behaviours affect both themselves and others

understands the concept of fair play and demonstrates sportsmanship

uses inappropriate gestures, tone and emphasis during presentations

works collaboratively with others

would benefit from more regular attendance

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