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adds many details and colour to his work

Although slow at completing work, he/she completes crafts with care.

always completes crafts with care, adds detail and colour to work.

can keep a rhythmic beat

creates the setting of the production using props and costumes

cutting and colouring skills are steadily improving.

demonstrates a positive interest in French routines.

demonstrates an understanding of musical notation

enjoys crafts and works on his artwork independently

enjoys seat work and craft activities

enjoys using a variety of materials to create art.

explores with a variety of tools and materials to create visual art forms

has good cutting and coloring skills

has good cutting and colouring skills

identify how media and pop-culture influences dance

identify how media and pop-culture influences music

Is able to analyze a dance piece using dance vocabulary

is able to analyze a performance using the narrative of a music critic

is able to analyze a performance using the narrative of an arts critic

Is able to choreograph dance within a group

is able to combine several elements of dance and music to create a piece of work

is able to communicate feelings, thoughts and ideas through drama

is able to compare modern music to music from a historical era

is able to compose their own music


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