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can keep a rhythmic beat

demonstrates an understanding of musical notation

identify how media and pop-culture influences music

is able to analyze a performance using the narrative of a music critic

is able to combine several elements of dance and music to create a piece of work

is able to compare modern music to music from a historical era

is able to compose their own music

Is able to construct interpretations of themes within music

is able to create dance pieces to represent specific rhythms and pieces of music

is able to describe the evolution of a music genre

is able to interpret terms and abbreviations for dynamics and tempos

is able to perform within a large group

is able to perform within a small group

is able to play in harmony as part of a group

is able to reflect on their performance

is able to replicate rhythm in music

is able to understand music notation and scales

is able to understand tempo, duration and pitch

is able to use audio/visual technology to compliment the story

is able to use costumes and sounds to enhance the meaning of their production

is able to use music in their dance to communicate mood

is able to use music to convey meaning within a production


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