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can assess and describe the impact that human activities has on the ecosystem

can describe the properties that are used to distinguish and identify a substance

can distinguish between elements and compounds

can identify and sequence the life cycle of a butterfly and frog.

can identify the different senses and how they function

can identify the four blocks of the periodic table

Can identify the planets in the solar system

clearly communicates results and findings when describing some natural occurrences

is able to classify a substance based on observations (colour, texture, etc.)

is able to identify the food-chain

is able to identify the physical properties of a substance

is able to perform experiments to identify the physical properties of a mineral

is investigating familiar technology items (ex. computer)

knows how to differentiate between living and non-living things.

knows how to take care of a flower

participates in classroom science experiments

recognizes changes in the environment such as weather patterns and seasonal cycles

She poses questions and makes predictions before and during investigations

understands personal hygiene and how germs are transmitted

understands the basic comments of structures and mechanisms

understands the basic comments of thermal dynamics

understands the basic concepts of matter and energy

understands the basic formula to calculate acceleration of an object


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