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Phys-Ed / Health

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actively participates in creative movement and daily activities

actively participates in physical activities

actively participates within activities

applies appropriate movement principles in order to refine their skills

can describe the different parts of the human body

can explain how their body tells them when they are hungry, thirsty or full

can identify rules for the proper usage of medicine

can identify the different senses and how they function

can make healthy choices

can understand the warning signs and prevention strategies of common illnesses

consistently displays good sportsmanship

demonstrates an understanding of the importance of being physically active

demonstrates balance and coordination when walking and running

demonstrates fair play and sportsmanship

demonstrates improving skills though continual practice

demonstrates respect for others and the environment

demonstrates respectful and active listening while instructions are being given

demonstrates teamwork skills by collaborating with others in a group

does not actively participate in physical activities

does not always participate

does not always play fair or follow the rules

enjoys learning and developing new skills

enjoys participating in physical activities

follows procedures and uses equipment as instructed

has a positive attitude towards himself/herself and their teammates

has been able to develop and improve their balance and stability

has demonstrated the ability to become a leader

has developed awareness of their body and movements

has developed fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

has developed movement competence within [activity]

has developed skills for dealing with stressful situations

has developed spatial awareness skills

Has developed strategies for making safer/healthier choices

has developed the ability to start and stop movements safely and in control

has developed the basic principles of play and participation

has difficulty maintaining control of their body when participating in an activity

has difficulty paying attention when playing outside

has difficulty playing by the rules

has difficulty playing with others

is ability to resolve conflict within their team/group

is able to catch a ball

is able to communicate well with their teammates

is able to comprehend the techniques used to stand up for themselves

is able to create a strategy to overcome a task/obstacle

is able to create an emergency action plan for an event

is able to create effective goals related to lifelong wellness and active living

is able to crouch while maintaining their balance

is able to describe the different food groups and their importance

is able to develop fitness goals

is able to evaluate their degree of physical exertion

is able to explain why people need to eat healthy food to stay active and in shape

is able to identify the benefits of being physically active

is able to identify then they need assistance to help improve a skillset

is able to maintain balance while standing on one leg

is able to motivate their teammates

is able to move to music and can adjust their motions with the tempo of a song

is able to play fair and respect rules

is able to provide connections between exercise/diet and a healthy lifestyle

is able to recognize their sources of stress and identify coping mechanisms

is able to take responsibility for their actions

is able to take responsibility for their actions

is able to throw a ball accurately

is able to throw a ball with accuracy and control

is able to transfer their skills to new concepts and activities

is able to use constructive feedback to improve part of their skillset

is able to use stress coping methods, such as adopting relaxation techniques

is developing balance, coordination and flexibility

is developing control of small muscle groups

is supportive of their teammates

moves with confidence and readily participates in physical activities.

observes rules for personal safety and safety of others

participates in all activities, including warm-up and cool down activities

practices appropriate personal hygiene to stay healthy

recognizes good nutrition, hygiene and ways to be safe


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