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Grade 2

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often forgets capital letters and punctuation

a positive role model for other students

accepts new challenges and works well in group activities

actively participates in creative movement and daily activities

actively participates in discussions, songs, and prayers

actively participates within activities

always takes pride in his final product

can copy words clearly and without errors.

can describe the different parts of the human body

can identify rules for the proper usage of medicine

can identify the different senses and how they function

can keep a rhythmic beat

can make healthy choices

can name all geometric shapes learned in class.

can name all the French sounds.

can offer answers when questions are asked during daily French routines

can repeat simple words and sentences and has good pronunciation.

can reproduce and explain simple and more complex patterns

can understand the meaning and intent of French texts and expressions

can write short simple phrases following models

clearly communicates results and findings when describing some natural occurrences

communication is clear and precise

completes assignments in the time allotted


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