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Grade 3

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often forgets capital letters and punctuation

a positive role model for other students

accepts new challenges and works well in group activities

actively participates in creative movement and daily activities

actively participates in discussions, songs, and prayers

actively participates within activities

can analyse and construct thematic maps related to a particular society

can compare the culture and different aspects between different regions and eras

can compare the social classes within different societies

can copy words clearly and without errors.

can describe the different parts of the human body

can describe the properties that are used to distinguish and identify a substance

can express their thoughts and feelings through the French language

can generate patterns that involve addition, subtraction and multiplication

can identify rules for the proper usage of medicine

can identify the different senses and how they function

can identify the key aspects of life within different historical periods/eras

can identify the missing number within an equation

can identify the properties of parallelograms

can keep a rhythmic beat

can make healthy choices

can measure mass in grams and liquid capacity in millimetres

can name all geometric shapes learned in class.

can name all the French sounds.


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