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Grade 1

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often forgets capital letters and punctuation

a positive role model for other students

accepts new challenges and works well in group activities

actively participates in creative movement and daily activities

actively participates in discussions, songs, and prayers

actively participates within activities

adds many details and colour to his work

always takes pride in his final product

can copy words clearly and without errors.

can count to 100

can describe the different parts of the human body

can explain how their body tells them when they are hungry, thirsty or full

can identify all upper and lowercase letters and most sounds

can identify most upper and lowercase letters and sounds

can identify the different senses and how they function

can keep a rhythmic beat

can make complex patterns (ABC) and count to __.

can make healthy choices

can move in response to simple tempos and moods of music.

can name all geometric shapes learned in class.

can name all the French sounds.

can offer answers when questions are asked during daily French routines

can repeat simple sentences pertaining to our themes.

can repeat simple words and sentences and has good pronunciation.

can reproduce and explain simple and more complex patterns

can understand the meaning and intent of French texts and expressions

clearly communicates results and findings when describing some natural occurrences

communication is clear and precise

completes assignments in the time allotted

consistently encourages others

consistently reads grade level material independently

consitently progressing

copies a thematic sentence following a model

demonstrates a positive interest in French routines.

demonstrates balance and coordination when walking and running

demonstrates critical thinking skills in written work

demonstrates fair play and sportsmanship

demonstrates respect for others and the environment

demonstrates teamwork skills by collaborating with others in a group

displays interest and curiosity as we explore our relationship with God

does not always pay attention to punctuation

does not always participate

does not always play fair or follow the rules

does not work up to their ability

does well on spelling and vocabulary tests

does well on spelling tests

eagerly assumes resonsibility

encouraged to practice recognizing letters

enjoyed learning French

enjoys dramatizing rhymes and stories

enjoys learning and developing new skills

enjoys participating in physical activities

enjoys sharing his ideas and is good at predicting story events

enjoys using a variety of materials to create art.

enters the classroom environment with a positive attitude

enthusiastic about participating

explores with a variety of tools and materials to create visual art forms

expresses his/her ideas clearly, stays on topic and responds well to questions

expresses ideas clearly and correctly

expresses ideas clearly and correctly

follows procedures and uses equipment as instructed

follows simple one-step oral directions

follows the rules of the classroom

has a positive attitude towards himself/herself and their teammates

has an appreciation for God and the gifts of creation

has been able to develop and improve their balance and stability

has been consistent in her overall progress in

has demonstrated the ability to become a leader

has developed awareness of their body and movements

has developed fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

has developed spatial awareness skills

has developed the ability to start and stop movements safely and in control

has developed the basic principles of play and participation

has difficultly staying on task

has difficulty asking questions in class

has difficulty maintaining control of their body when participating in an activity

has difficulty memorizing letter combinations

has difficulty organizing information and ideas

has difficulty paying attention when playing outside

has difficulty playing by the rules

has difficulty playing with others

has difficulty solving math problems

has difficulty with the alphabet


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