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Dance / Drama

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can keep a rhythmic beat

creates the setting of the production using props and costumes

enjoys participating in physical activities

identify how media and pop-culture influences dance

Is able to analyze a dance piece using dance vocabulary

is able to analyze a performance using the narrative of an arts critic

Is able to choreograph dance within a group

is able to communicate feelings, thoughts and ideas through drama

Is able to construct interpretations of themes within a dance performance

is able to construct personal interpretations of drama works

is able to create a theme and choreography for a dance piece

is able to create dance inspired by poetry

is able to create dance pieces to represent specific rhythms and pieces of music

is able to create patterns and narratives in dance

is able to describe the evolution of a dance genre

is able to drama to connect historical life with today's society

is able to evaluate a drama work using drama vocabulary and terminology

Is able to explain how different elements of dance convey meaning

Is able to identify the different types of dance

is able to identify the elements of choreography within a dance

is able to interpret terms and abbreviations for dynamics and tempos

is able to perform within a large group

is able to perform within a small group

is able to play in harmony as part of a group

Is able to present as their character

Is able to provide peers with constructive feedback on their work

is able to reflect on their performance

is able to understand tempo, duration and pitch

is able to use audio/visual technology to compliment the story

is able to use design to convey messages and ideas to a sepecific audience

is able to use drama to explore different social and political issues

is able to use music to convey meaning within a production

is able to use tone and emphasis to portray different emotions of their character

is beginning to show some interest in our song and dance activities.

likes to role play and create pictures at the painting centre.

readily joins in dramatic re-enactments of familiar songs, stories and poems

responds enthusiastically to music, song and dance

understands the benefits of healthy living

Uses dance as a language to communicate messages about themes of social justice

Uses dance to communicate solutions about bullying

Uses technology and multimedia to enhance their dance/drama performance

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