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can explain how the ability to transfer skills and strategies from one activity to another activity can facilitate their participation in recreational activities

Performance Indicators - Keywords

Use the performance indicators to change the comment based on the grade of the student.

A+ to A-

  • consistently participates
  • recognizes the use of
  • wrote a developed descriptive text
  • is astute in using
  • is articulate and thoughtful when writing
  • describes the process
  • uses primary and secondary sources to
  • consistently follows detailed instructions
  • is exemplary
  • uses reading strategies successfully

B+ to B-

  • with minimal coaching
  • usually participates
  • gave some details
  • regularly participates
  • is proficient in
  • regularly follows detailed instructions
  • usually follows detailed instructions

C+ to D-

  • requires coaching
  • generally participates with prompting
  • with coaching, participates
  • coaching was needed
  • is developing
  • experienced difficulty
  • required support to organize information
  • with prompting

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